Formula 1 set to return on July 5, Starting with Austrian GP

Formula 1 to resume on July 5

F1 2020 Season set to return on July 5, Kick-starting with Austrian GP, the Austrian government announced

According to The Guardian, Formula 1 has mapped out a blueprint for an eight-race, behind-closed-doors European leg to kick off the season

Actually for the plan – drawn up by the sport’s owner, Liberty Media – is likely to be announced next week

Although with the caveat that a second coronavirus wave in the UK could wipe out any chance of racing taking place across the continent.

Liberty’s blueprint would involve a 5 July start for the 2020 season with two grands prix in Austria, followed by another two at Silverstone, and then one in Budapest.

Hockenheim or Barcelona would then open a triple-header with Spa and Monza to follow running from August into September.

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Should coronavirus reassert itself in the UK and lockdown be reimposed, the season in Europe would be over before it has begun

given that seven of F1’s 10 teams are based in the UK and would therefore be unable to operate. “That is a major worry for everyone involved,” said an F1 source.

F1 teams are entering the end of an extended shutdown period.

With racing planned to resume on 5 July there is now some urgency for the calendar to be confirmed so that the required preparations can begin.

That is likely to happen as soon as a decision is made on UK quarantine rules.

“By the time the F1 shutdown finishes there will be a firm calendar, because people will have to know what they are doing when they get back to work,” the source said.

“Certainly by the end of next week I expect everything to fall into place for the European calendar.”

However, The schedule for any remaining races outside of Europe remains under discussion, with F1 hoping to hold up to 16 races.

Also In what is likely to be a busy second half of the season, Canada and Singapore remain under consideration

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And before proposed meetings in Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Japan, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

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